Veranstaltungen / Events:

Ostrava Contemporary Art (11.07.2014)

As part of Ostrava’s bid to become European Capital of Culture 2015, the city’s art lovers had the opportunity to visit an exhibition showcasing the best of Ostrava’s art from the 20th century to the present day. The exhibition ‘OSTRAVA?’ featured works of art connected with the region, both past and present. The exhibition was located in a specially created space outside a traditional gallery venue. The display area of 2 400 square metres enabled the organizers to present for the first time such a huge range of artefacts connected with the city of Ostrava – targeted not only at experts, but also at the general public. The main criterion for display was the works’ connection with the city of Ostrava. The exhibition presented works by renowned Czech artists such as Jan Zrzavý, Václav Špála, Antonín Slavícek and Kamil Lhoták (owned by the Ostrava Gallery of Fine Arts) as well as showcasing the work of the city’s contemporary artists such as Sigi Kulterer, Eduard Ovcácek, Jirí Šigut, Petr Lysácek, Daniel Balabán, Katarína Szanyi and many more.